VO2 Max Calculator

This VO2 max calculator will allow you to quickly calculate your VO2 max. Simply change the variables in the light blue boxes to your own personal data and the calculator will automatically update for you. There are three different VO2 max calculators offered on this page.
VO2 Max Calculator - Resting Heart Rate:
Age: years
20 Second Resting Heart Rate: beats
Estimated VO2 Max : ml/kg/min
With this VO2 Max calculator you are not required to do any form of physical activity. Take your resting heartbeat for 20 seconds and then enter the number of beats that you have recorded in the box below your age.  Formula = 15.3 x (MHR/RHR)   
VO2 Max Calculator - 1 Mile Walk
To complete this test you need to walk exactly one mile and record the time. 1 mile is 1.609km, 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet.  To lower the risk of injury please make sure you stretch and wear appropriate footwear.  Walk the distance as fast as you can without running or jogging. When you have completed the 1 mile course immediately take your pulse over 10 seconds and record the time that it took you to complete. These two pieces of information are required to add into the calculator below.
Age: years
Weight in Pounds: pounds
1 Mile Time: (minutes.seconds) ie 12.50
10 Second Pulse (Beats): beats
Don't know your weight in Lbs? kg
= Pounds
VO2 Max Calculator - 1.5 Mile Run Walk
This test requires you to find  a track or location that is 1.5 in length. The length of the track is very important as the time variable is a key factor in calculating the VO2 max. This test is harder than the 1 Mile Walk test as it requires you to complete the 1.5 miles as fast as possible by either running, jogging or walking. Make sure that you gently stretch your muscles beforehand and pace yourself. If you have any medical conditions that may hinder your ability to do this please consult your Doctor. 
1.5 Run Walk Time (minutes.seconds) ie 12.50
Estimated VO2 Max: ml/kg/min